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Being HIV-positive does not automatically mean to have AIDS!

What is HIV?

HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus

As the name says, it is a virus causing a defect in the patient's immune system. Once infected, the virus will always be hiding in the organism. Once AIDS develops, the immune system will be progressively destroyed.

What is AIDS?

AIDS = Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

AIDS relates to the stage when the disease has become clinically significant (broke out). At this state, the patient is particularly susceptible to any kind of disease (from common cold to severe pneumonia).

The HIV-infection can be divided into different stages that depend on certain diseases and laboratory markers. AIDS is the final stage when the HIV-infection is fullblown active, the immune system is severely weakened and infections and/or tumors frequently occur.

Fact is...

Since the discovery of HIV in the early 80's an outstanding amount of information has been gained like never before in any field of science. Despite the intensive research there is no remedy or cure against HIV. We are also lacking a prophylactic vaccine, that would be needed in order to avoid the infection. The virus is very hard to treat because it is constantly changing and hiding in the patient's genes.


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