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Everybody can get infected with HIV!

Thanks to the constantly improving therapies, such as "antiretroviral therapy", the time span between the AIDS-diagnosis and death could be significantly prolonged. Whereas in the early days HIV was a disease of homosexuals and i.v. drug abusers as risk groups, the situation has dramatically changed. Currently, world-wide the highest number of new infections occurs in women and heterosexual couples.

Take home message:

Everybody can get infected with HIV!

Protection is the only safe way!

This means:

No sex without condoms, especially with new partners
No second use of needles and syringes

The risk of contracting the disease exists,

when blood, sperm or vaginal fluid comes into contact with injured skin or mucous membranes

No Risk exists when...

sharing glasses, silverware, laundry and restrooms

kissing, petting, hugging

coughing, sneezing, tattooing, piercing, acupuncturing

playing in kindergarten or school

and all other common daily situations


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