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Welcome to the Joachim Kuhlmann Foundation

The Foundation was established by Joachim Kuhlmann in 1994 as a non-profit organisation and is internationally active. Because of his own HIV-infection and subsequent manifestation of AIDS, the Foundation's activities focus on the support of clinical research. He succumbed to the disease in January 1995.

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Joachim Kuhlmann



Joachim Kuhlmann-Fellowship for Ophthalmologists 2002
Deadline for application...

Joachim Kuhlmann AIDS-Award 2001
Congratulations........The winner is....

News in Research:
Essen: How do HIV-protease inhibitors cause diarrhea?

Essen: Evaluation of transformation defective E1A mutants
Hamburg-Eppendorf (Germany): Virological failure in the
central nerve system in HIV-infection

Heidelberg (Germany): Gene Therapy against Kaposi´s sarcoma
Cologne (Germany): HI virus reservoirs

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