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Following the will of Joachim Kuhlmann, the fight against HIV and AIDS is our primary goal.

Therefore, we support clinical research against HIV and opportunistic infections. Opportunistic infections are diseases that affect predominantly people with immunodysfunction. Consequently they occur, once full AIDS has developed. For example, the recalcitrant form of pneumonia (called pneumocystis carinii-pneumonia), a form of skin cancer named Kaposi´s sarcoma as well as severe weight loss (wasting).

Towards these goals we want to transfer novel research findings of the international community into clinical practice. Along these lines, we support various medical studies that deal with an improvement of the health of HIV-infected patients.

We cooperate with several institutions, that are devoted to individual patient care until death. Since for many reasons home care is not possible for a substantial number of individuals, they rely on professional medical and psychological aid. Besides numerous municipal or charity organisations some private institutions offer hospice service. These largely rely on donations from private individuals, company sponsoring and a large number of volunteers. Due to their high level of individualism and motivation these organisations can survive. Through our activities we also aim at informing the public in order to reach many supporters, including sponsors.

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