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First benefit concert of the Joachim Kuhlmann-Foundation

at the Forum Niederberg, Velbert, Germany on 17. October, 1998

No less than three locally known bands were put up by the JKS to play at the first benefit concert at the Forum Niederberg in Velbert. The scheduled Jazz - Rock - Funk - Groove - Traditionals - festival under the auspices of the Velbert mayor Heinz Schemken was sending out positive vibrations long before the happening. The first concert of its kind was devoted to HIV and AIDS. But - not in the sense of distributing condoms and long educational presentations...

"Fun" was the slogan of this happening. This was guaranteed with the on-stage presentations of the widely known bands "Equipe", "Thunder & Lightning" and "Claymore", originating from Velbert and Heiligenhaus. Needless to say that all proceeds were donated to JKS.

Some information and current activities referring to HIV and AIDS were discussed with the AIDS - activist Group Essen, who presented facts and advice for interested individuals and patients.

Bands and solo artists of all kinds can contact us for the organization of similar meetings. Just call, mail or write to us.



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