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Ongoing studies, research and therapy

The following clinical and experimental investigations have been or are being supported by the Joachim Kuhlmann-Stiftung:

Joachim Kuhlmann-Fellowship for Ophthalmologists 2002
Deadline for application...

The Joachim Kuhlmann-AIDS-Award
Award for clinical/basic research in HIV.

How do HIV-protease inhibitors cause diarrhea?

Evaluation of transformation defective E1A mutants

Virological failure in the central nerve system in HIV-infection

Gene Therapy against Kaposi´s sarcoma

HI virus reservoirs

Therapy of chronic wasting
The "Wasting-Syndrom"

Therapy of CMV-infection

Interleukin-2 (IL-2)

DNA-binding proteins
Surface proteins binding genetic material (DNA)

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